Thanks for checking out my website and getting to know a bit about me. I was born in Denmark, on the outskirts of Copenhagen, and my parents moved to Canada when I was five.

I’m grateful that I grew up bilingual, even though I struggled in school. It took me many years to catch up to my peers, but I remember that special turning point, which happened in Grade Nine when I read John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, when it all turned around for me. I stopped dreading school and started to enjoy reading. In Grade Ten I made a friend who loved reading even more than I did and who pointed me to some of the best stuff in all of literature. By Grade Twelve, I stopped being so self-conscious about my grammar and began to write essays from the heart. After that, I did a whole degree in Literature at Simon Fraser University. If you had told me in Grade Eight that one day I would have a degree in Literature, well, I would not have believed you.

I didn’t get serious about creative writing until a few years later. First I had all kinds of other experiences, including love and heartbreak and figuring out that I was attracted to people across the gender spectrum. I travelled and worked as a dishwasher, a cashier and a bookstore clerk. I owned and operated a coffee shop. Lots of crazy stuff happened in my twenties and one day it hit me that I wanted to write.

Expressing myself in writing felt like a victory over the shyness that had hold of me throughout my entire childhood and most of my youth. I published articles and stories and even worked on some translation projects because I was very interested in improving my Danish. I found another calling, which was teaching ESL (English as a Second Language). It was a natural passion for me, probably because I understood firsthand the frustrations that my students were going through. Helping students overcome their language limitations and discover that if they found the right book they could love reading was something that made me very happy. These days I work at Directions Youth Services Centre as the Food Program Coordinator for a nightly meal program that feeds homeless and at-risk youth.

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to Lorimer where they publish young adult books specifically geared toward reluctant readers (people like me). Their books are “hi/lo” meaning that they have a lot of drama, but the vocabulary level is not that hard. You can probably guess I was excited to sign a contract with them. I had already written a nonfiction book about my family’s immigration experience, and I wanted to try my hand at fiction. Writing Femme was magical because it felt like all my worlds came together. After that, I got busy on Killer Drop.

I absolutely love working with my editor, Kat Mototsune. She has worked on all of my novels and patiently guided my projects through their many stages. Love is Love marks the beginning of a new line of books at Lorimer focused on teen romances that are realistic yet not often portrayed in the mainstream. We are currently wrapping up another teen romance, You’re You, which comes out in the fall.

So that’s a bit about me. If you would like to share a little about who you are, please get in touch. It’s always great to hear from readers.